Success Stories

Below are just a few testimonials from our patients.

  • Lili G.

    Such a sweet doctor, funny, kind, honest. I went in asking about laparoscopic surgery and dr. Kashani totally educated me on the process and and what to expect afterwards. Totally recommend him!

  • Miriam E.

    Dr. Kashani was referred to me by my primary physician when I needed to remove my gallbladder and I could understand why during the consultations and pre-op moments. Dr. Kashani took his time to listen to my concerns, doubts, to calm me down right before the surgery when he detected a hernia in my belly button explaining in a very simple way that it was not a big deal and how he would take care of it (I am one of those who freaks out easily when it comes to my health). Dr. Kashani is one of those rare professionals who really cares for his patients and his good professional name, meaning that he will not offer to do a surgical procedure unless really necessary. I recommend and if I ever need another surgery, would definitely trust him again.

  • Sean M.

    I was referred to Dr Kashani By another Dr when I asked who he would use if he had to have a surgery like mine. It is about one month from that time the surgery is done and I feel great. He explained the process to me and the possible complications. There eneded up being three hernias and he took care of them all. I feel geat and am happy with the results.

  • Jackie H.

    I was referred to Dr. Samuel Kashani by my general practitioner. I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive about having surgery up until my consultation. Dr. Kashani took his time to explain the procedure to me and what I should expect after surgery. He answered all my questions and reassured me that everything would be fine. It has been a few months since my surgery and I'm feeling great! I would most definitely recommend Dr. Kashani for surgical needs, he is a very caring and competent surgeon. You won't be sorry.

  • Alba B.

    Dr Kashani is an amazing doctor. I was really scared about going through with a surgery and he made me feel really comfortable. Narine his assistant has the best customer service. Narine answered any questions I had of concern and not once was anyone rude. I love his office and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.